Hand Tools

RB Hand Punch Set
We are a notable Manufacturer and Supplier of the best quality RB Hand Die Punch Set.
• Our hand punches are available in various sizes like, 6mm, ¼ mm, 8mm etc.
• We also manufacture special logos and designs.
• Made from high Quality, heat treated tool steel. Finely balanced with liberal overall shank size.
• Ensures deep, clear and legible stamped impression. Safeguards against mushrooming, chipping and splitting of hammering end
• Each punch is clearly marked with character designation and size
• Dull Nickel Plated for rust free longer shelf life.
RB Special Hand Punches:
• Low Stress hand Punches.
• Special Calligraphy on request
• Extra Long hand punches
• Convex/Concave faces
• Reverse Alphabets & Numbers for forging and die casting dies and for rubber moulds
• Hand punches with Logos